EOGHAN LEWIS ARCHITECTS is an Architecture studio based in Sydney, Australia.

Architecture is a thinking and a feeling profession. Responding to pragmatic political, technical and fiscal issues things competently is one part of our role but this does not result in a work of architecture. Architecture is also about creativity and heartCreativity, in terms of problem solving, managing resources and finding elegant solutions to tricky problems. Heart, in terms of understanding people and the capacity for architecture to elevate the everyday. So each project becomes a kind of portrait that is particular to our clients, to context and to purpose where the project in some sense has grown in direct response to these things.

ELA has developed a portfolio of award-winning public and private that are architecturally ambitious, ecologically responsible and a pleasure to occupy. We are actively involved in furthering design excellence through conference presentations, lectures, design competitions and our public research project - Sydney Architecture Walks. ELA is one of a select group of firms pre-qualified under the NSW Government Architect’s Strategy & Design Excellence Prequalification Scheme.